April 28, 2016

ty“The Sky Heroes of the Dreamtime made everything and everything was made for a reason. They act as our guides in the dreamtime.

We believe that all life is part of one universal whole, indivisible unity that can be traced back to the great spirit ancestors.

When the world was still formless, they came from the earth and the sky, wandered the land creating all things. In ritual when we sing and dance, we create the old stories.

These ancestors are still with us…part of us as we are part of them.

Together, we join them, in the dreamtime. A time before any man walked the earth”

Karidji, Wurunjeri Tribe


The message of our relation to both the sacred nature of the earth and to the ancestors is being revealed at this time. We can learn what each of the sacred centers of the world has to offer us…to that we may become the kind of human beings needed for continued Creation.

Over the past twenty years I have been documenting American Indian prophecies- carved on rocks, beaded on story belts, choreographed in in sacred dances over many thousands of years.

“The way of the Stars is in all Tribes”

STAR ANCESTORS reveals for the first time that contact never ceased. Herein an ancient tradition unifying, indeed, defining all indigenous cultures supplying pieces of the puzzle.This Pan-American odyssey becomes a spiritual detective story; a nonfiction celestine prophecy.

“The tempic or time field is the controlling field and maneuvers the spaceship from one time field to another within the vibration of a higher frequency emanating from the total mass of the ship. As the field is intensified, the spaceship becomes invisible to any watcher on the surface of Earth, disappearing completely or suddenly reappearing again or materializing again”

Elizabeth Klarer, South Africa

picThe Popul Vuh, the ancient book of the Maya, says that ancient man and woman could see everywhere, they could know everything. They could communicate with each other by thought. The secret science of highly advanced world civilization i.e. space travel, scientific instruments, teleportation, have all been preserved within great subterranean tunnels of the inner earth.

According to the chronicle of Akakor, the ancients constructed gigantic stone cities more than 10,000 years ago. Among them were the thirteen underground dwellings and trapezoid-shaped tunnels crossing the entire Amazon region.

The North American Indians know about extensive subterranean cave dwellings.



pib“There is a network of cities in the inner earth, in toll about two hundred and thirty cities. The Hovercraft are craft that go in and out of the water into the inner earth. In fact, there is an entrance off the island of Puerto Rico.

We, in the Navy, have had contact with the inhabitants of these subterranean bases.”

Top Secret Navy Transport Commander, Graham E. Bethune

Welcome To The Journey~ The Star Ancestors Journey. And Si’gi.

“Creator Created Creation” John Trudell

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