nv_ya Redstar1Nv-Ya Red Star ~ Executive Producer, Director/Writer

Nancy Red Star, a member of Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, and descends from Redman/Parker/Vann/Mathews Cherokee bloodlines on her mother’s side. She is the author of the Star Ancestors Trilogy (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., 2000-03-05- Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Germany) and Life With a Cosmos Clearance (Light Technology Publishing,Inc., 2003) and UFOs-No Threat, Official Eyewitness Testimony-WSP (Light Technology Publishing, Inc., 2005-2006-Audio). In 2005, together with Choctaw Director~ The Late Phil Lucas, Red Star became the Executive Producer, writer and host of her upcoming Feature Documentary Series entitled, Star Ancestors which is slated for release and worldwide distribution.

Phil LucasIn memory of the Late Phil Lucas ~ Co-Director and Director of Photography

Emmy and Award-winning filmmaker Phil Lucas has probably written, produced and directed more film and television programs than any other single American Indian filmmaker alive today. His emotional and cultural sensitivity with Indian People gives him keen insight into the presentation of native subjects in a way that honors those people while making their stories understandable and accessible to the world at large. His credits include~ The Broken Chain (TV movie for TNT Network, Co-Producer), The Native Americans (Documentary Series for TBS, Director), The Honor of All (Director), Healing the Hurts (Director)

Lucas graduated from Western Washington State, in 1970 with a degree in Visual Communications. Over the past 25 years he has made more than 100 documentary film and video programs including the award-winning PBS series, Images of Indians, The Honor of All, Walking with Grandfather, and the Emmy nominated, American Indian Dance Theatre: Dances For The New Generations. He also directed two hours of the Emmy winning, Native American Series, for TBS, and Co-produced The Broken Chain, a feature film for Turner Network Television. In addition, he wrote produced and edited an award-winning film biography on the late Apache Sculptor, Allan Houser, entitled Allan Houser: The Lifetime Works Of An American Master, which was completed in 1999.

John TrudellJohn Trudell ~ Theme Song “These Memories”

John Trudell is an acclaimed poet, national recording artist, actor and activist whose international following reflects the universal language of his words, work and message. Trudell (Santee Sioux) was a spokesperson for the Indian of All Tribes occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969 to 1971. He then worked with the American Indian Movement (AIM), serving as Chairman of AIM from 1973 to 1979. In February of 1979, a fire of unknown origin killed Trudell’s wife, three children and mother-in-law. It was through this horrific tragedy that Trudell began to find his voice as an artist and poet, writing, in his words, ,to stay connected to this reality.

In 1982, Trudell began recording his poetry to traditional Native music and in 1983 he released his debut album Tribal Voice on his own Peace Company label. Trudell then teamed up with the late legendary Kiowa guitarist Jesse Ed Davis. Together, they recorded three albums during the 1980’s. The first of these, AKA Graffiti Man, was released in 1986 and dubbed the best album of the year by Bob Dylan. AKA Graffiti Man served early notice of Trudell’s singular ability to express fundamental truths through a unique mix of poetry, Native music, blues and rock. Since that time, Trudell has released seven more albums plus a digitally re-mastered collection of his early Peace Company cassettes. His 2002 CD, Bone Days, was executive produced by Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie and released on the Daemon Records label.

His latest double album, Madness & The Moremes, showcases more than five years of new music and includes special Ghost Tracks of old favorite Trudell tunes made with legendary Kiowa guitarist Jesse Ed Davis. This internet only release offers a full range of classic Trudell poetry there are lyrics filled with penetrating insight and others with knock out humor, all put to some of the best music Bad Dog has ever made together. Madness and The Moremes is available now on www.johntrudell.com

In addition to his music career, Trudell has played roles in a number of feature films, including a lead role in the Mirimax movie Thunderheart and a major part in Sherman Alexie’s Smoke Signals. He most recently played Coyote in Hallmark’s made for television movie, Dreamkeeper.

Hayley Hutt

I am an enrolled member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe and reside on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California. I am Survival By Song. I have been writing songs and singing for many years, performing for Tribal events and Inter Tribal events. Recording periodically for various Artists in New York City, NY, Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA has contributed to my experience. I have worked with John Trudell recording back up vocal on the Bone Days Album, Executive Produced by Angelina Jolie. I also contributed music and vocals for the song These Memories with John Trudell. The Demonstration CD Survival by Song features two songs Vision Dream and Tuesday Girl, which I wrote and did lead vocals. The majority of my songs are based on Vision Dreams, Traditional Stories and my own experiences as a Native American in a modern world. The background vocals for Vision Dream are recordings of my family traditional singer from the early 1940’s.

Sweeny Todd, Syracuse Opera Co.Joanne Shenandoah, Ph.D.

One of “America’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed Native American musicians of her time.” Associated Press, Shenandoah is a Grammy Award winner with 3 Nominations), over 40 music awards (including 14 Native American Music awards) with music ranging from solo to full symphony and 17 recordings. She is a humanitarian, working as a peace advocate, earth justice and has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world, from North and South America, South Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. She has received multiple awards and praise for her work to promote universal peace and understanding. She is a direct descendent of the famed “Chief Shenandoah” who is noted to have been given a “Peace Medal” by George Washington and established Hamilton College, Clinton, NY (The Oneida Academy). Shenandoah is a founding board member of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge www.hiawatha.syr.edu, a non-profit higher learning educational facility that is based on Iroquois principles. In 2014, she served as Co-Chair for the Attorney General’s National Task Force of Children Exposed to Violence for the Department of Justice [ PDF ].

Shenandoah has performed for noted leaders such as His Holiness the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, Huston Smith, Mikhail Gorbachev, and is celebrated with the honor of East – West Interfaith Ministry. www.interfaithseminaries.net. “A bridge for peace in and among all cultures and spiritual traditions.”

Shenandoah has performed at prestigious events such as St. Peter’s Basilica, The White House of the US, Carnegie Hall, 5 Presidential Inaugurations, The Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica for the canonization of the first Native American St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Madison Square Garden, Bethlehem Fine Arts Center, Palestine, Crystal Bridges Museum, Smithsonian museums, The Ordway Theater, Hummingbird Centre, Toronto Skydome, The Parliament of the Worlds Religions, (Africa, Spain and Australia) and Woodstock ‘94.

“Joanne Shenandoah is one of the finest attributes to Native American Music and Culture.” Neil Young
“She weaves you into a trance with her beautiful Iroquois chants and wraps her voice around you like a warm blanket on a cool winter’s night,” Robbie Robertson

Dean Stockwell and Dennis HopperDean Stockwell ~ Narrator

During the 1940’s Robert Dean Stockwell was a popular child actor, appearing with Abbot and Costello in Hollywood (1945), The Boy with the Green Hair (1948) and in The Secret Garden (1949). His success continued into adulthood. Together with Jason Robards and Ralph Richardson, he won Best Actor at Cannes for playing in Long Days Journey into Night (1962); he’d formerly won the award for his performance in Compulsion (1959) shared with Orson Welles and Bradford Dillman. Stockwell also appeared in Blue Velvet (1986), Air Force One (1997), The Rainmaker (1997) and The Manchurian Candidate (2004). He also co-starred in television’s Quantum Leap (1989-93). He was nominated for an Oscar for playing mafia don in Married to the Mob (1988). In addition, Stockwell heads up the Sci-Fi Conventions all over the world. This year, Phenomenon: Lost Archives was hosted by him on a 6 DVD set as well as Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 released on DVD. Robert Dean Stockwell is a National Treasure and has appeared in over 125 films to date.

John Turdell and stevie salasStevie Salas ~ Film Score Advisor

He was hand-picked by George Clinton as the guitarist for Clinton’s albums. He’s skipped cities in a private jet with Rod Steward, playing sold-out stadiums. He signed the largest deal Island Records had ever forked over for a new artist. His second solo album ousted the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for “Best Album” in Japan. Most books name him as one of the Top 50 Guitarists of All Time.

Heading Into The 90’s, the buzz around Los Angeles centered around two guitarists: One was Tom Morello, who would later form Rage Against The Machine. The other was George Clinton’s right-hand-man Stevie Salas, a transplant from San Diego whose funk-inspired rock guitar was drastically opposed to the LA hair-metal scence of the time.

Stevie Salas was the Native American Events Director At the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. In addition, Stevie just released his first book entilted- “When we were Boys”- Taylor Trade Publishing- Robert Yehling, Contributor.

Salas travels all over the Globe To preform and produce upcoming musicians as well as Producing his own TV show in Canada.

Aleksandra GalertAlexandra Galert- Graphic designer

Aleksandra Galert is a photographer and graphic designer based in Lodz, Poland. She studied at the University of Lodz and the Warsaw School Of Photography. Her work has been featured in Fashion Editorials at Fashion World Magazine and National Geographic Poland . www.aleksandragalert.com

Associate Producers

img_9973-copyPaul McDade ~ Associate Producer

Having worked over 25 years in the television and film industry, Paul has worked one on one with strong visionary directors such as Gregg Araki, S. R. Bindler, Alejandro Chomski, Sophia Garza-Barba, Greg Harrison, James Herbert, Keith Schofield, Aaron Stoller, Kate VanDevender, Willie Varela and Nancy Red Star. During a brief stint in Chicago as a field camera operator for Jenny Jones, Paul also shot, wrote, and edited a 35mm film, ‘Transmissions’ for the Chicago Film Office. He has worked as a lead assistant editor on several shows (Forever Young, Freakshow, Lifetime’s Bring It!), as an editor of documentaries, one feature, webisodes, deleted scenes, sizzles & promos for CNBC, ABC, AMC, TV Land and on television shows at Pilgrim Studios. Additional companies he has worked with include Zeitgeist, Strand Releasing, New Yorker Films, Frameline, NBC, and the American Film Institute.

Last year, Paul cut and helped write a documentary for director Keith Arem at PCB Productions, and was an additional editor on his feature The Phoenix Incident (2015). More recently, he worked as Associate Editor on the documentary ‘The Ballad of the Urban Cowboy’ for CMT’s new docs division.

Bill Bratkowski – Copos Films

Tim Loncarich- Digital Cognisense

George Burdeau ~ Creative Consultant

George Burdeau, a member of the Blackfeet Nation, has been a director and producer for more than 30 years. He received an Emmy Award for The Native Americans (1993-1994) and a Peabody Award for Surviving Columbus: First Encounters (1990). He is the founding dean of the Communications Department of the Institute of American Indian Arts and former director of the National Center for the Production of Native Images, both in Santa Fe , NM . Burdeau was the first American Indian director in the Director’s Guild of America. He served as chairman of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, board member of the Institute for the Preservation of the Original Languages of Americas, board chair of the Institute of Native Culture and Communication, and founding board member of the Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium. Some of Burdeau’s films are, The Witness (1998), Who Owns the Past (1999), Stories Told in the Dark (1999), Backbone to the World: The Blackfeet (1997), The Native Americans/The Plains: Part 1 and 2 (1996) Storytellers of the Pacific (1994), The Pueblo People (1991). Burdeau is a leading American Indian Filmmaker who has worked in Hollywood on Television shows; his most notorious being That’s Incredible (1980-1984).


Phil Lucas Productions LLC- Director Of Photography

Davidica Little Spotted Horse- Music Video

Coyote Productions LLC- Edward Griego- First Camera

Alexander Levy-TLT-Second Camera

Taos Video Works- Second Camera


david-ponderosaSenior Editor~ David Aubrey

Owner of Lightningwood Pictures, a production company based in Santa Fe for over thirty-five years, David’s work has encompassed an international scope of feature, documentary, commercial and collaborative arts projects. He has worked for legendary ski filmmaker, Warren Miller, and been a member of the Editor’s Local 700 in New York. He earned an American Cinema Editors nomination for Best Edited Documentary in 1993 for Baraka. He was director of photography and editor for the 1994 concert film, Toward the Within, featuring Dead Can Dance and the feature film, Soundman, 1998. In 2013, he received an Emmy Award as Cinematographer and Editor for the documentary Canes of Power, about the ceremonial canes given New Mexico Pueblos by Abraham Lincoln.

He has lectured, taught and conducted mentorships throughout the Northern New Mexico community and worked on numerous films centering on cultural preservation from South America, Pakistan, to the American Southwest.

Editor~ Paul McDade

Editor~ Steven Gootgeld

Editor~ Edward Griego- Second Trailer

Editor~ Taos Video Works- Randolph Pierce

Special Effects Editor~ Jennifer Templeman

Animation~ Amine Bourezqui-Motion Animation Designer

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